Monday, April 11, 2011

Rubber Shoes

A few years back, a Boulder, CO footwear company emerged on the scenes and set a new trend in footwear. That's right a new trend that might have been one of the worst trends in footwear ever. If you are still trying to figure out what company I am speaking of, well it's,default,pg.html. The footwear is great for kids but horrible for adults. And to top it off some quirky person who bought a pair of crocs came up with the idea of decorating these shoes with something called a jibit. Grown men and women are wearing these shoes and committing crimes by doing so. Guys were putting their college logos on the shoes and were touting their cool factor. Vomit!

One of the coolest and most respected actors of all times sports a aqua blue pair. Do these shoes fit his reputation as bad ass, can I ever look at him the same? Or do they really define him as the joker? I guess if they are going to fit someone's personality, the shoes fit well on the other guy in this photo.

Check out great Chef Mario Batali. Mario you are better than this!

Well I never wanted to see another pair of crocs again. Then my wife got my son a pair and I was like ok, they are kind of conventional for a 3 year old with a spiderman jibit, so I guess ok for now. But a grown man or women in these shoes should re think who they are as a person.

Ok, so obviously I bashed the brand and I am obvouisly not a big fan. Until this past week when my wife came home with a pretty hot pair of rubber flats. Totally, hip and totally sexy. These Crocs have a clean contemporary line. They Cover and wrap the foot while also exposing some of the toes. The thing she loves about them as they are super comfortable and she can't wait to do some pool time in these little devils.

So moral of the story is the second you count a brand out they can totally re build their image and boom you have something new and innovative! So keep it up, keep burning the midnight oil and you will stay relative.

Can they keep it up???...............

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