Monday, January 31, 2011

Pumped Up Kicks….

There is this new song out by Foster the People called Pumped up Kicks. It comes on pretty frequently on Alt Nation on Sirius Satellite. I personally love the song. I can’t get enough of it and it stays in my head all the time. Well obviously it has inspired this week’s entry.

Here is what the song has done for me, Im back in the 1990’s and Im rolling down the high school hall and there is Mike Bitner kicking it in a pair of the Reebok Pump High Tops.

I never had a pair of the hightops but I did have a pair of the running shoes.

They were some of the best shoes ever.  Why, you might ask?  First of all you never had to deal with a shoe lace. Just a few pumps on the inflation mechanism and it was the perfect fit.

 Secondly, they were aesthetically super cool and Third they were way ahead of their time.

I personally still think there is a place for these shoes in the market today, especially for athletics.  They make perfect sense with the whole pump action.  Maybe people will come back around and Reebok will once again be a hit.  Forget the ZigZag's and the Toning shoes and make the pumps!

Either way check out the song, enjoy it and try to remember where you were in the 90's....