Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year New Posts.

What have I been into lately?   This seems to be the on going question.  Casualy footwear is finally coming back to a place where I actually like to participate.  Typically you can find me in a pair of Vans Grey/ Black Suede.  Simple clean and timeless.  I think that is how I like to define my on style.  Timeless.  I have 6 pairs of the same Levi's, 31x32 Slim Straight 514's.  I wear a V neck every single day and I often wear a simple shirt over top.  Im not sure I landed to this simple style, but I do know in highschool back in the early 90's Tommy Hilfiger, just came out with his brand and he decided that every thing he made had to be logo'd like crazy with either his name or his brand flag. Well style then followed and it might have been the worest thing for men, in my history.  Everything goes around, so clean simple is back and Im happy, I now have shopping options and can find pieces that I like and wear for the next 10 years.  Which is not the goal but if things go full circle I will be prepared. 

Here are some kicks that I like right now.  I would suggest you go buy some today!

JLew Out!