Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gravis Suede Spring Shoes

Im back from a long span on nothing. Here is my first post back and just wait for more to come. Spring is again in the air, that means shorts and style. Sometimes, the two do not go together, but can you mix it up with a pair of skinny pants and loafers? I believe you can. How about these suede navy gravis shoes, a pair of 511 levi bike messangers rolled up, and a basic dark navy matching v-neck. Forget that, grab a bright blue crew, stretch the neck until it becomes perfect, add an old school hankie in your back pocket and rock it down to the beach. Cheers......until tomorrow!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Open Road

Sometimes, nothing feels better, than the open road. Roll down the window, push the pedal a bit faster and turn up the volume. Add a smile and life seems to stand still for a second.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cold Winter Waves

Require Fresh Sleds.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Puma Faas 250

The Puma Faas is cool. That’s all I have to say about this shoe. Puma has some pretty out of bounds shoes that makes them look like they are just trying to hard. Then they have a few kicks that are simple old school with new school color ways like Silver and Tangerine Orange color. Hot Right? I believe so…. But recently they have tried to get back into the running category and make some true running trainers. Often a bit off course, but not too far from hitting the mark and making their shoes to far from being on par. Every now and then they hit the mark. And, now they did it with the FAAS, especially the 250, the shoe is a clean upper simple mesh and of course the Puma Stripe. The shoes are then doted on by the Jamaican dream. That’s right; it’s all about 3 little birds and some Yam!

And even hotter with a hot chick and add!

One Love!

Peace and Chicken Grease!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

PF Flyers

Clean and ready for summer. Notice the convertible heel, that is the new thing on casual mens footwear. Beware not to go convertible unless your on the beach of the Mediterranean with a cocktail.

My thing with shoes likes this is that you need to add a after market footbed to these things otherwise your foot is toast. Birkenstock Blue Footbeds are the best. If not those then try out Superfeet.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Rubber Shoes

A few years back, a Boulder, CO footwear company emerged on the scenes and set a new trend in footwear. That's right a new trend that might have been one of the worst trends in footwear ever. If you are still trying to figure out what company I am speaking of, well it's,default,pg.html. The footwear is great for kids but horrible for adults. And to top it off some quirky person who bought a pair of crocs came up with the idea of decorating these shoes with something called a jibit. Grown men and women are wearing these shoes and committing crimes by doing so. Guys were putting their college logos on the shoes and were touting their cool factor. Vomit!

One of the coolest and most respected actors of all times sports a aqua blue pair. Do these shoes fit his reputation as bad ass, can I ever look at him the same? Or do they really define him as the joker? I guess if they are going to fit someone's personality, the shoes fit well on the other guy in this photo.

Check out great Chef Mario Batali. Mario you are better than this!

Well I never wanted to see another pair of crocs again. Then my wife got my son a pair and I was like ok, they are kind of conventional for a 3 year old with a spiderman jibit, so I guess ok for now. But a grown man or women in these shoes should re think who they are as a person.

Ok, so obviously I bashed the brand and I am obvouisly not a big fan. Until this past week when my wife came home with a pretty hot pair of rubber flats. Totally, hip and totally sexy. These Crocs have a clean contemporary line. They Cover and wrap the foot while also exposing some of the toes. The thing she loves about them as they are super comfortable and she can't wait to do some pool time in these little devils.

So moral of the story is the second you count a brand out they can totally re build their image and boom you have something new and innovative! So keep it up, keep burning the midnight oil and you will stay relative.

Can they keep it up???...............

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thick Kicks

So I have mentioned before that I work for a Running Footwear company which continues to help fuel my fire for sneakers and other footwear. Well we have something extraordinary coming out to the market place fairly soon. It’s a completely innovative running system. It called the Wave Prophecy, a full length wave plate on a shoe minimizing foam and maximizing ride. The shoe will be out in May. You will be stoked to get it but beware you will not be able to find it anywhere. It will only be at a few fine dealers across the globe! Here are a few quick sneak peaks.

I personally feel that this should be the soundtrack for this shoe. If shoes had soundtracks!

Pray for Japan! Mizuno.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Pumped Up Kicks….

There is this new song out by Foster the People called Pumped up Kicks. It comes on pretty frequently on Alt Nation on Sirius Satellite. I personally love the song. I can’t get enough of it and it stays in my head all the time. Well obviously it has inspired this week’s entry.

Here is what the song has done for me, Im back in the 1990’s and Im rolling down the high school hall and there is Mike Bitner kicking it in a pair of the Reebok Pump High Tops.

I never had a pair of the hightops but I did have a pair of the running shoes.

They were some of the best shoes ever.  Why, you might ask?  First of all you never had to deal with a shoe lace. Just a few pumps on the inflation mechanism and it was the perfect fit.

 Secondly, they were aesthetically super cool and Third they were way ahead of their time.

I personally still think there is a place for these shoes in the market today, especially for athletics.  They make perfect sense with the whole pump action.  Maybe people will come back around and Reebok will once again be a hit.  Forget the ZigZag's and the Toning shoes and make the pumps!

Either way check out the song, enjoy it and try to remember where you were in the 90's....

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cardigans and Flavor!

I’m not really sure what’s going on with the style in the Afro American Culture, but I like it! Its no longer thug and bones it’s now sophisticated and stylish. It’s a clash of multiple cultures and brings a true hip vibe to the scene. It’s quite smart and has room to continue to grow. It keeps some of its roots while it continues to evolve. Not every homeboy is sporting Airforce 1’s any more. But now you are starting to see some new things hit the streets. Again from Billionaire Boys Club some of the sweetest kicks that take a classic like the Converse Chuck All Star and update it with their own flair.

Pick a sweet caridgan, not a Mr. Rogers old man creepy pediphile sweater.

Thank You B.O.B and Kanye for what you have done. Please continue to evolve us brothers! Peace.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My New Vans

Just picked up a pair of new Vans last week from my local retailer K5 in Encinitnas.  First of all this retailer keeps the beat with a well merchandised store and continues to change as the environment changes.  check em out at

So Im always on the look out for something simple.  As my last blog points out that is kind of my style right now and I think my new vans fit right in.  This time Vans has updated the chukka with super soft suede and replaced the canvas sidewall with really meatty denier nylon.  Classic taping and a gum outsole makes this shoe a new favorite.  One word is RaD.

Also, Vans has updated their footbed with a comfortable thick sockliner.  Im not sure what type of rubber it is made out of but its 1000 x's better than the old foam sock liner that the shoe had.  No longer will your feet be screaming after wearing them.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year New Posts.

What have I been into lately?   This seems to be the on going question.  Casualy footwear is finally coming back to a place where I actually like to participate.  Typically you can find me in a pair of Vans Grey/ Black Suede.  Simple clean and timeless.  I think that is how I like to define my on style.  Timeless.  I have 6 pairs of the same Levi's, 31x32 Slim Straight 514's.  I wear a V neck every single day and I often wear a simple shirt over top.  Im not sure I landed to this simple style, but I do know in highschool back in the early 90's Tommy Hilfiger, just came out with his brand and he decided that every thing he made had to be logo'd like crazy with either his name or his brand flag. Well style then followed and it might have been the worest thing for men, in my history.  Everything goes around, so clean simple is back and Im happy, I now have shopping options and can find pieces that I like and wear for the next 10 years.  Which is not the goal but if things go full circle I will be prepared. 

Here are some kicks that I like right now.  I would suggest you go buy some today!

JLew Out!