Monday, May 9, 2011

Puma Faas 250

The Puma Faas is cool. That’s all I have to say about this shoe. Puma has some pretty out of bounds shoes that makes them look like they are just trying to hard. Then they have a few kicks that are simple old school with new school color ways like Silver and Tangerine Orange color. Hot Right? I believe so…. But recently they have tried to get back into the running category and make some true running trainers. Often a bit off course, but not too far from hitting the mark and making their shoes to far from being on par. Every now and then they hit the mark. And, now they did it with the FAAS, especially the 250, the shoe is a clean upper simple mesh and of course the Puma Stripe. The shoes are then doted on by the Jamaican dream. That’s right; it’s all about 3 little birds and some Yam!

And even hotter with a hot chick and add!

One Love!

Peace and Chicken Grease!