Thursday, January 20, 2011

My New Vans

Just picked up a pair of new Vans last week from my local retailer K5 in Encinitnas.  First of all this retailer keeps the beat with a well merchandised store and continues to change as the environment changes.  check em out at

So Im always on the look out for something simple.  As my last blog points out that is kind of my style right now and I think my new vans fit right in.  This time Vans has updated the chukka with super soft suede and replaced the canvas sidewall with really meatty denier nylon.  Classic taping and a gum outsole makes this shoe a new favorite.  One word is RaD.

Also, Vans has updated their footbed with a comfortable thick sockliner.  Im not sure what type of rubber it is made out of but its 1000 x's better than the old foam sock liner that the shoe had.  No longer will your feet be screaming after wearing them.

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