Friday, November 27, 2009

Air Jordan Fridays

I know I have been out of the works for a few weeks.  I still have a few things bouncing around my head.  Someone a few weeks back said I was a nike lover.  Totally weird comment right.  But it's been in my head for weeks.  What does that mean?   Why can't I admire Nike?  They do so many things in so many different categories and everything they do they do so well.  Anyway, why can't you admire the giant?

Who are these guys?

Tinker Hatfield has worked with Michael Jordan and led design teams that created thirteen different versions of the Air Jordan basketball shoe. Nike's headquarters looks like a college campus. The buildings, clustered around a lake, are named after famous athletes. We met Tinker on the ground floor of the Mia Hamm building, where he works in a place aptly called the "innovation kitchen." This is where special products, like Air Jordans, are cooked up. Tinker's road was a great example of how different parts of one's life can come together in unanticipated ways. In his case, a childhood love of sports meshed with architecture.

Courtesy of USA Today.

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  1. you are a blog slacker. come on. what are the guys wearing this season??