Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Osiris is the Dopest!

Osiris is the dopest! I first heard those words in 1999. My roommate in San Diego at the time was Matt Manuel. Matt and I have been good friends since the late 80’s. I was a year ahead of him in school. Fast forward a bit, I went to school in the south and Matt stayed in Maryland and attended Maryland University as a Terp. Let’s hop forward a few more years and Matt moves out to California and becomes my roommate. The year that Matt moved to San Diego he had a job as a buyer at World Core which was a surf shop in La Jolla. So he and I headed to the ASR trade show that year for his work. Matt was on the quest for a new job and I was in tow as a friend as well as a spectator. I really went to check out the REEF Girls. Long story short Matt landed a Job with Osiris.

Osiris is a nitty gritty skate brand that stays true to its core customer. Each year they continue to bring product that is demanded and it never falls short of getting stale. They often push the bar on fashion, style and skate. Over the years I have seen some crazy shoes that they have done. One year they did a high top sneak covered with patent leather and graphics on it of a banana.

Back to my Long story which I’m trying to make short. Osiris was passing out a mix CD that some DJ made for free. I was pretty excited to get it into my car on the way home. I put it on and turned up the sound, for the first 5 minutes, the intro was OSIRIS IS THE DOPEST all scratched and mixed up with a crazy hip hop beat thumping in the back ground.

One final note I wanted to show how fashion transcends from brand to brand and from category to category. Yesterday I shared the Kanye/ Louis V. collaboration and today these Osiris are not to far off what we just saw. I took this photo on my blackberry at this year ASR Spring 2010 show. I stopped by the ASR trade show to see a friend who has just launched his own sunglass company ( and walked around the expo. That place is crazy to say the least.


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  1. thanks from the first lady of RAEN for the shout out. love your blog and your passion for shoe fashion.