Monday, October 12, 2009

DC Shoes

Sorry for the delay on postings but I was at the 2009 Chicago Marathon.  I always judge my trips on how I feel when I get home.  Let's just say it's the second of day being home and I am still beat up.  I'll get myself back together.  I went out just a bit ago and slugged out a few miles and am now sitting at my desk.

Anyway back to Sneak of the day.

photo courtesy of Hypebeast.
DC Xander TX seen above will retail for $120 in November 2009.

DC shoes definitely top the charts on the skate footwear front. They have made cutting edge shoes for the skate industry for years. Kenny Block, and Damon Way of San Diego, California started the brand in 1993 and have been making some of the dopest shoes in history. These guys have not only turned the skate channel upside down, but they have expanded into other categories. You can now find DC Shoes in multitude of footwear categories: BMX, Surf, Snowboard, and some of the most rad lifestyle shoes on the market. My personal favorite is a pair of black vulcanized quilted leather kicks that I sport in the winter time.

As mentioned before DC has expanded into lifestyle, with that being said they now have a new category called DC Life. The above shoes were originally spotted during the tradeshow season. They are part of their new “High Visibility” pack which consists of the brand’s Xander TX and Admiral TX. I’m not to familiar with the shoes above since I have never laid a hand on them yet. But I would for sure kick it in them with a pair of dark denim jeans and a Black V Neck T-shirt. Original JLew style!

photos courtesy of DC Shoes

Check out the Ken Block DC Video.

Here is a crazy video you need to check out.  Ken  Block is not only the owner of DC Shoes but he also is a well respected Rally Car Racer sponsored by Monster Energy Drinks, Subaru and of course DC Shoes.  He also is always experimenting with things in his car.  Check out his Gymkhana video like Tokyo Drift on Steroids and Crack!

Of course this is what made them who they are today. The true DNA of the brand.

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