Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BAPE....A Bathing Ape. A Japanese company founded by Tomoaki Nagao in 1993. Nigo is the nickname that his friends call him. This literally means second version in Japanese. Anyway this dude and his company have been linked to some big names like Pharell, Jay Z, Teriyaki Boyz, Kanye West and Kid Kudi. They make some crazy pop culture clothes and footwear. They style allot of there footwear straight off of other brands. Nigo got big because he used to make 50 shirts a week with a different graphic. He would sell 25 and then give 25 to friends. Next thing you know you have this crazy viral pop culture growth and everybody has to have one.

Check out some of the sneaks below as well as listen to the tunes of the Teriyaki Boyz. You might have heard them and if not you are in for a serious treat…..

Airforce 1's? Bapes Fall 2009 Gingham Bapesta's

Here they are the famous Teriyaki Boyz. Zock On!



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